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John Locust, Host, Promoter and Musician.
John grew up on a cattle farm in Cherokee, NC and his love of bluegrass and gospel music was heavily influenced by his granny, Esther WalkingStick.
He began playing various musical instruments, including the piano, at age five.
By sixteen, John started traveling and performing at prestigious venues, which included
 TV and radio appearances.
A firm commitment to his faith in God and a keen mind for business allowed John to start several successful businesses in his native, Cherokee, NC, including Locust Farms Greenhouse and Nursery, Locust Limousine Service, John Locust, LLC Promotions,  Along with his wife, Cindy, he is active in his community, church and with his fellow bluegrass musicians and fans. He is a co-founder of Bluegrass Circle Promotions and works on several prominent festivals in the southeastern United States.


John Locust LLC Promotions
Mgr of Raymond Fairchild and Maggie Valley Boys

John Locust LLC Promotions
Cherokee, NC

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